Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lemang and durian, the best combination ever!

 Happy New Year 2013!
May this new year bring YOU and ME the best of everything in our life. 
Stay healthy, happy and pretty smart all the time. 
Good luck for everything you're trying in this year...

 yeaahh...a good way to start my new year blog entry with durian and lemang! I never had lemang with durian before in my life but I've heard that some people take lemang with durian. Since this is the first time I take lemang with durian so I don't know what to expect... :)

 The King of fruits is now conquering Malaysians' hearts and stomachs! Beware of it! hehe...

 The best lemang kampung can last a few days....

 Tricky skill. Just use a sharp parang to peel off the bamboo's outer skin until the inner whiter skin is seen.

Yummy...soft, moist and fragrant!